Measuring your ring size

There are several ways to measure your ring size. If you are unsure do contact us on 0207 978 7722 and we can help you find the right size for you.

Click here and we will send you a free ring sizer in the post.

Before you measure your ring finger bear in mind these helpful hints:

As your fingers change size throughout the day, it is best to measure your finger at the end of the day when the fingers are largest. Remember to avoid measuring your fingers if your hands are cold as your fingers maybe up to half a size smaller.

Your ring should be a comfortable fit – it needs to slide easily over the knuckle but tight enough so as not to slip off.

Measuring your ring finger

  • Ensure your ring fits the finger to be measured properly
  • Measure the inside diameter of the ring
  • Check your measurement against the conversion chart – if your measurement falls between two sizes, order the larger of the 2 sizes

Please be aware that a ring with a particularly thick band will feel tighter than a ring with a thin band. If you have chosen a ring with a thick band, we recommend buying a full size larger than your normal ring size.

Conversion Chart

Diameter UK Size US Size
15.6 mm J 5
15.8 mm J 1/2  
16.0 mm K 5 1/2
16.1 mm K 1/2  
16.4 mm L 6
16.6 mm L 1/2  
16.8 mm M 6 1/2
17.0 mm M 1/2  
17.2 mm N 7
17.4 mm N 1/2  
17.6 mm O 7 1/2
17.8 mm O 1/2  
18.0 mm P 8
18.2 mm P 1/2  
18.4 mm Q 8 1/2

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